6 de junio de 2011

GDG Volume IV Pre-Sale!

We are SUPER proud to announce our newest volume of Pin-Up art!

Girls Drawin Girls Volume IV:
The Way Nature Made Her
Order now (or before July 10, 2011) for your PRE-SALE exclusive!! 
A custom pin-up bookplate by one of our many members!
This latest volume features over 83 artists, and is our biggest and most beautiful book to date! This will be the premiere of our FIRST hardcover book, and clocks in at an art-filled 174 pages. Page after page of flora-inspired beauties await, featuring art from our mucho-talented ladies!
This book is really beautiful; we are sending everything off to the printer to have in time for San Diego Comic-Con, so we are starting pre-orders as of now! Books will start shipping the week of July 10th, 2011.
You can order it here: 

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Javier Gámez dijo...


¡Mírala la tía.. saltando el charco!

Beatriz Iglesias dijo...

Jejeje, gracias! :)