19 de abril de 2014

Ending credits for Justin an the Knights of Valour!

© Kandor Graphics 2013, 2014.
Idea: Jose Luis Navarro, Oscar J. Vargas, Beatriz Iglesias.
Art: Beatriz Iglesias.
Edition: Antonio Montes and Claudio Hernández Fornieles.
Tecnique: Ink.

Here's something I did at Kandor Graphics, the ending credits sequence from Justin and the Knights of Valour!! They let me do whatever I wanted and every technique, but we had not much time, so I decided to use ink for it...quick and effective!

In an early stage, we worked on a flash animated version, but at the end we hadn't time to develope it. These are some designs I did for the animated sequence:

©Kandor Graphics

Hope you like it!

10 de abril de 2014

Chicoinferno, at the "Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show"

"Chicoinferno" is my piece for the "Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show" at the Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by the artist Chogrin. I'm very excited for being part of this show, many talented artist and friends will be in. You can not miss it!

The piece shown above will be a signed limited edition 1 of 1 woodprint. There will not be prints available per the rules of the show.
The show opens Friday, May 2nd. Contact the gallery for more information on purchasing artwork.

Anung un rama!!

More info here: