19 de abril de 2014

Ending credits for Justin an the Knights of Valour!

© Kandor Graphics 2013, 2014.
Idea: Jose Luis Navarro, Oscar J. Vargas, Beatriz Iglesias.
Art: Beatriz Iglesias.
Edition: Antonio Montes and Claudio Hernández Fornieles.
Tecnique: Ink.

Here's something I did at Kandor Graphics, the ending credits sequence from Justin and the Knights of Valour!! They let me do whatever I wanted and every technique, but we had not much time, so I decided to use ink for it...quick and effective!

In an early stage, we worked on a flash animated version, but at the end we hadn't time to develope it. These are some designs I did for the animated sequence:

©Kandor Graphics

Hope you like it!

3 comentarios:

pakoto dijo...

mi parte favorita!: )

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